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Details Behavioral-Strategy-Emerging-Perspectives-Hc-Research-in-Behavioral-Strategy

A volume in Research in Behavioral Strategy Series Editor T. K. Das, City University of New York Behavioral strategy continues to attract increasing research interest within the broader field of strategic management. Research in behavioral strategy ...

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Details Fundamentals-of-Strategy-with-Access-Card

Fundamentals of Strategy with MyStrategyLab and the Strategy Experience Simulation This package includes a physical copy of Fundamentals of Strategy, by Johnson, Whittington & Scholes as well as access to the eText, MyStrategyLab and The Strategy ...

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Details Strategy-Bites-Back-Strategy-in-Far-More-Less-Than-You-Ever-Imagined-It-Is-a-Lot-More-and-Less-Than-You-Ever-Imagined

SWOTed by strategy models? Crunched by analysis? Strategy doesn't have to be this way. Strategy is really all about being different. Thinking about it shouldn't make you reach for the snooze button. Strategy Bites Back brings you a provocative ...

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Details Crafting-Strategy-Planning-How-You-Will-Prevail-over-Competitors-and-Obstacles

Crafting Strategy Crafting Strategy covers the latest strategy concepts, tools, and processes that executives and managers use to accomplish the goals of their organizations. Crafting Strategy offers clear, succinct coverage of this topic and gives ...

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Details Science-Strategy-and-War-Strategy-and-History-Band-18

Science, Strategy and War John Boyd is often known exclusively for the so-called 'OODA' loop model he developed. This model refers to a decision-making process and to the idea that military victory goes to the side that can complete the cycle from ...

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Details Customer-Oriented-Marketing-Strategy-Theory-and-Practice-The-Marketing-Strategy-Collection

What is customer orientation? And how does it fit in your idea of a good marketing strategy? This book can help you understand more about the relationships, applications, and steps to take to drive continuous relationships with customers to aid in the ...